Call for Abstract

World Congress on Industrial Automation, will be organized around the theme “Global Approach on Transformation towards Man Power into Machine Power”

Industrial Automation-2015 is comprised of 6 tracks and 45 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Industrial Automation-2015.

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks. All related abstracts are accepted.

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  • Track 1-1Motor drives
  • Track 1-2Intelligent mechatronics
  • Track 1-3Advanced measurement and machine vision system
  • Track 1-4Dynamics and control
  • Track 1-5Electric and electronic test and measuring equipment
  • Track 1-6Automated motors & frequency inverters
  • Track 1-7Electric switchgear and equipment for electrical automation
  • Track 1-8Vehicle automation
  • Track 1-9Transformers and accumulators
  • Track 1-10Fault detection and diagnosis in mechatronics
  • Track 1-11Industrial wireless communications in mechatronics
  • Track 2-1Electric mobility
  • Track 2-2Security robotics
  • Track 2-3Space and underwater robots
  • Track 2-4Medical robots and bio-robotics
  • Track 2-5Robot navigation and mapping
  • Track 2-6Field robotics
  • Track 2-7Robot simulation & vision system
  • Track 2-8Agricultural robotics
  • Track 2-9Medical robotics
  • Track 2-10Molecular robotics
  • Track 2-11Dynamics and kinematics
  • Track 3-1Industry 4.0
  • Track 3-2Automated mining
  • Track 3-3Network-based systems automation
  • Track 3-4Instrumentation system
  • Track 3-5Factory modeling and simulation
  • Track 4-1Embedded systems
  • Track 4-2Human-computer interaction
  • Track 4-3Signal and image processing
  • Track 4-4Programmable logic controllers
  • Track 4-5Laser automation
  • Track 4-6Automated optical inspection
  • Track 4-7Wireless automation
  • Track 5-1Assembly & handling systems
  • Track 5-2Sensors and actuators
  • Track 5-3Fault Detection and alarm monitoring
  • Track 5-4Process automation system
  • Track 5-5Servomechanisms
  • Track 6-1Hybrid Intelligent Systems
  • Track 6-2Evolutionary Computation
  • Track 6-3Soft computing
  • Track 6-4Artificial surgery
  • Track 6-5Machine learning
  • Track 6-6Artificial intelligence at health care