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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend World Congress on Industrial Automation San Francisco, USA.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Jeffrey Berkley

Mimic Technologies Inc., USA

Keynote: Simulation in robotic surgery: The challenges and opportunities

Time : 09:00-09:40

OMICS International Industrial Automation-2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Jeffrey Berkley photo

Jeffrey Berkley is the founder of Mimic Technologies, which was the first company to establish the market for robotic surgery simulation. He is well known as a leader in the fields of Haptics, surgery simulation, and real-time finite element modeling. He has published and served as a reviewer for various journals such as IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Modeling, Virtual Reality, and the Electronic Journal of Haptics Research and Medical Imaging. While obtaining his Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, he also worked for Musculo Graphics, where he developed his first real-time finite element analysis models. He continued to advance his real-time algorithms while receiving his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington\\\'s Human Interface Technology Laboratory. He founded Mimic Technologies upon graduation, where he then applied his knowledge of haptic feedback and continuum mechanic-based tissue modeling to surgery simulation. He also served in the Naval Reserves for eight years as a medical corpsman where he received experience in field medicine and nursing.


Nearly all high risk industries, such as aerospace, nuclear, and military, use simulation training to prepare their workforce to operate in a hazardous environment. The most recent high risk industry to embrace and adopt simulation training is medicine. Nearly 90% of all surgeons who use surgical robots have undergone some form of virtual reality training. In addition, engineers, marketing managers, sales reps, hospital administrators and government agencies can also utilize simulation to efficiently achieve a variety of objectives. This presentation will review the various roles of simulation for many of the stakeholders in the surgical robotics industry.\\r\\n

Keynote Forum

Eduard Babulak

Maharishi University of Management, USA

Keynote: 21st Century industrial logistic & cyberspace

Time : 9:40-10:20

OMICS International Industrial Automation-2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Eduard Babulak  photo

Eduard Babulak is accomplished international scholar, researcher, consultant, educator, professional engineer and polyglot, with more than thirty years of experience. He served as successfully published and his research was cited by scholars all over the world. He served as Chair of the IEEE Vancouver Ethics, Professional and Conference Committee. He was Invited Speaker at the University of Cambridge, MIT, Yokohama National University and University of Electro Communications in Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sungkyunkwan University in Korea, Penn State in USA, Czech Technical University in Prague, University at West Indies, Graz University of Technology, Austria, and other prestigious academic institutions worldwide. His academic and engineering work was recognized internationally by the Engineering Council in UK, the European Federation of Engineers and credited by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers and APEG in British Columbia in Canada. He was awarded higher Postdoctoral degree DOCENT - Doctor of Science (DSc) in the Czech Republic, PhD, MSc, and High National Certificate (HNC) diplomas in the United Kingdom, as well as, the MSc, and BSc diplomas in Electrical Engineering Slovakia. He is Fellow of the Royal Society RSA, London, UK; Chartered Fellow, Mentor and Member of the ELITE Group of the British Computer Society, London, UK; 2013-2014 Invited Panel Member for the DoD & National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program, USA; Expert Consultant for HORIZON 2020 & CORDIS FP6 - FP7 European Commission, Brussellex, Belgium; Mentor and Senior Member of the IEEE and ACM, USA; Nominated Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, UK and Distinguished Member of the ACM, USA; Chartered Member of the IET, London, UK; Professional Member of American Society for Engineering Education, American Mathematical Association and Mathematical Society of America, USA. He communicates in 14 languages and his biography was cited in the Cambridge Blue Book, Cambridge Index of Biographies and number of issues of Who’s Who.


The political and economic landscape of world’s largest economies has changed in recent years. Similar to NAFTA and Asian markets, accession of new member states to European Union (EU) presents a new challenge to guarantee sustainable and successful economic developments of all regions in EU. To facilitate the essential flow of available natural and technological resources all across Europe, the EEC Commission requires most advanced and sophisticated Intelligent Transport and Logistics solutions including, International, Transport, Warehousing and Web Logistics. The paper presents current state of the Industrial Logistics Systems in India and Japan and IRU World’s Congress on Transport and Technologies of Tomorrow. The paper further discusses the issues related to new developments and research challenges the areas of future Industrial Transport, Warehousing and Web Logistics technologies. The paper also discusses the importance of Cyberspace’s Quality of Service (QoS) provision in support of Industrial Logistics and Transport. The paper promotes further research and innovation in Future Cyberspace, Intelligent Logistics & Transport Systems in support of successful global markets.

Break: Coffee Break 10:20-10:40 @ Sierra A